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North Korea: Blame the Christians

Despots love to blame others for their failures.

Hitler blamed the Jews and killed 6 million of them.

Iran's Ayatollah blames America, "The Great Satan" for his government's problems.

And now North Korea's Kim Jong Un blames Christians for his abysmal human rights record.

Speaking recently before the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva, North Korean Ambassador So Se Pyong said Christian missionaries based in northeast China indoctrinate North Koreans with anti-government ideas, and then send them into North Korea with "assigments of subversion, destruction, human trafficking, and even terrorists acts."

So, now we are enlightened. That explains the DPRK's failed state and why it oppresses people: the regime's totalitarian policies couldn't possibly be the reason!

Just a bunch of bluster? Seoul USA CEO Rev. Eric Foley is seriously concerned about the affect Pyongyang's allegations may have on missionaries working near the border. The Chinese government may respond by cracking down on their activities, and by giving North Korean agents more freedom to act agressively against Christians in China.

Watch my complete interview with Foley to learn more. Then continue to pray for North Korea, the Christian missionaries who are effectively spreading the Gospel there, and our North Korean brothers and sisters in Christ on both sides of the border!

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