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“Did you sign your death waiver?”Unless you are an obstacle course racer (OCR), this question likely sounds absurd. Yet weekend after weekend we...

You may have heard it before: life is hard; God is good. You’ve probably even said it, so you may appreciate knowing that this statement is far more...

The "Braveheart" screenwriter shares how we can find the courage to follow our hearts.

For years some of us have focused our attention (and worries) on our adult children. We’ve not only taken on the role of director in the drama of...

Oftentimes, boys grow up learning a distorted view of masculinity. So let's set it right by looking at these myths of masculinity.

I need to recalibrate my expectations, realizing bad things happen to good people, even when those good people are “me.”

In her just-released memoir, "Beautifully Flawed", actress Shari Rigby shares that it is possible to find purpose in life even if it's a mess.

Yes, judgment may be coming. But revival also may come as well.

The national will - and our national humility - was about to be tested.

"Yesterday / All my troubles seemed so far away / Now it looks as though they’re here to stay / Oh, I believe in yesterday" - The Beatles I journal....


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