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Devotions on Relationships

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Devotions on Relationships

Give us wisdom as we establish our own families. When we’re tired or afraid, remind us that You specialize in the impossible.

Words of comfort and love from the Lord give us hope and calm our despair.  

Do you like to pray, but run out of things to pray for after five or 10 minutes?

Divorces, depression, sick babies and homes for sale ... any problem took a new perspective when my mother-in-law flew through the door.

As we grow in the liberty God gives us, we also find freedom to stop thinking about ourselves all the time. When we are in the flesh, we dwell on...

Who has the key to your heart? If we allow another person to have it, we could entertain wrong thoughts and actions. God wants to be the sole owner...

It is evidenced in the Word time and time again; when God’s people remember God and worship Him with thanksgiving, He begins to work on their behalf.

It's no accident that we are seated near a certain person on a particular day. We all have divine appointments set up in advance by God.

The desires of my heart are really all for Jesus Christ Himself. He gives us wisdom and freedom in regards to things of this world. He delivered us...

Singles young and old, we are precious in the eyes of the Lord. Let's see ourselves as God sees us and treat ourselves with dignity, honor, and as a...


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