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Musical Guest: Sean Feucht

Special guest: Danny Bayasen of Asia Center for Missions. Also, Gordon and Erin Zimmerman pray for a man with lung disease.

Gordon and Terry answer emails on tough spiritual questions. They also pray for a woman with constant dizziness.

Teaching: Living a Life Half Full

A child's ear infection takes a scary turn. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman with sinus and allergy problems.

Feature: A musician lays his dreams down. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman looking for direction.

9/11 Widow Jennifer Sands shares about life after her husband's death and how she found God's grace through her grief.

Gordon Robertson hosts comedian Michael Jr on today's 700 Club Interactive.

It's the kickoff to a new NFL Season featuring the seriousness of concussions during the game--as well as a special feature on Tim Tebow.

Campus Crusade Directors Patrick and Tricia Schleper share about their ministry on college campuses and their experiences with students.

Join hosts Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen for a day of general interactive ministry as they agree in prayer for viewer needs.

A young woman rejects a rebellious lifestyle for Christ. Also, Gordon and special guest co-host Christy Wimber pray for a woman suffering nerve...

Feature: Worship leader and recording artist Aaron Shust performs live!

Learn about worship music from the International House of Prayer. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for people in fear.

A young surfer questions his purpose in life. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman with intestinal issues.

Special Musical Guest: Roy Fields.