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Feature Story: Mike was a thug with little hope of reform until he found Christ. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman suffering from internal...

Take part in live, interactive ministry. Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen prayer from viewers live!

Feature Story: She had a migraine then woke up two weeks later paralyzed.

A little girl winds up right in the middle of a miracle. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman who needs to hear from God.

Gordon and Terry pray for a Skype caller who is looking for direction and a teen wanting a closer walk with God.

Feature Story: A biker goes on the rough road towards salvation.

Musical Guest: Catherine Mullins

Guest: Jonathan Acuff from 'Stuff Christians Like'

Feature: Todd White ministers to people on the streets of Richmond.

Feature Story: Terry Meeuwsen travels to Africa with Orphan's Promise

Feature: One of the most trusted horsemen uses his platform to talk about Jesus.

Feature: A house fire turns a Nashville singer into a hero.

Special Report: CBN News hits the streets to see if Christians know their Bible.

Special Guest: Darren Wilson, filmmaker