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Pastor Mickey Stonier of Rock Church San Diego discusses how despite being forced to closed its doo due to the pandemic, his church is reaching out...

Rich was named “Fittest Man in the World” for four consecutive years. After he fell during a fitness competition, he began to question his identity...

In her new book 10 Steps to Your F.I.T., expert Kim Dolan Leto combines faith with fitness to help you transform your health.

A shoulder injury threatened the career of accomplished, professional body builder Peter Putnam, but after hearing a prayer on The 700 Club, the pain...

Nick lost over 150 pounds in a little over a year with diet, exercise and a reaffirmation of his identity in Christ.

At 75, Ernestine Shepherd has earned a place in history as the world’s oldest female bodybuilder.

El instructor mexicano de aeróbicos Alberto Mawcinitt, crea un novedoso y divertido estilo, utilizando un balón de futbol y un aditamento especial,...

Drew and Lynn Manning will discuss how Drew left his fitness regimen for a weight journey and how his 75 pound weight gain, then loss affected his...

She's half the woman she used to be, and that's a good thing. The Biggest Loser's Julie Hadden shares how she lost 100 pounds without surgery.

Rick Tramonto shares his faith journey from rough beginnings to success as a celebrity chef and entrepreneur.

NBC's Biggest Loser success story, Amy Parham, visits the 700 Club studio to share her experience of losing over 100 pounds.

Reporter Lorie Johnson shares specific goals that will make you healthier in 2011.

Do companies hire in December? How can I stop being selfish? Are sanitizing gels effective?

The host of the Emmy-winning talk show The Doctors wrote a new RX for patients everywhere: the lean belly prescription.

Should women take iron? How can I stay awake? Will God heal me from my sin? Is Cushing's disease treatable?