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This father and son team shares health tips on how to overcome disease.

Are flip-flops bad for your feet? Does cinnamon have health benefits? Which is healthiest: butter, margarine or blend?

Pat Robertson answers these questions and more: How do I avoid the freshman 15? How do I prevent re-injury? Does color affect appetite?

Together, Phil and Amy Parham lost 256 pounds on TV’s The Biggest Loser. They also shed the burdens of depression and bankruptcy. Discover the power...

Which vegetables and fruits are free of pesticides? Can the barometric pressure affect the way we feel? Are microwaves safe to boil water?

Dr. Travis Stork of The Bachelor and The Doctors talks about his new book, The Doctor Is In: A 7-Step Prescription for Optimal Wellness.

How can I alter my diet to not gain weight? How do I work exercise into my busy schedule? Any suggestions on easing neck pain?

Are detox diets good? What foods cause heartburn? Which fitness gadgets are just gimmicks?

At his heaviest, he was more than 400 pounds. Then he discovered a diet that helped him shed the weight and eat well too.

She survived the Amazon for the CBS reality show, Survivor. Now she's on The 700 Club to discuss how a commitment to health can help you shed the...

Hollywood trainer and fitness expert Steve Zim demonstrates exercises to shape and tone your body.

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: Are there supplements that can help build muscle? Diets never work for me, should I just...

Phil and Amy Parham from TV’s "The Biggest Loser" overcame bankruptcy, depression and obesity with a rededication to God.

I want to maximize my workout on the treadmill. Should I increase the time or increase the incline? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Bodybuilder Dave Hawk talks about his fitness career.

Celebrities such as Tyra Banks and Julia Roberts look to fitness trainer Harry Hanson to give their bodies a boost.