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Remi was a drug runner and scam artist until he joined the Navy SEALs and had a life-changing realization in the Alaskan wilderness.

Doug thought his fits of coughing were allergies until his doctor discovered cancer in his body. Given a few months to live, Doug fasted and prayed...

Robby Gallaty was a heroin user and distributor. Today he’s an author and a pastor, and, looking back, says he wouldn’t change a thing.

When a tornado came straight for Jen’s house, she hid in a closet and prayed. She took a direct hit and is thankful for the miraculous outcome.

Best-selling author Ellie Krieger shares how you can make quick, healthy meals out of thanksgiving leftovers.

Greg dealt with searing stomach pain for years until God finally answered his desperate prayers.

In early 2019, Maurice suffered a stroke, but a day and a half later, he walked out of the hospital with a crazy story to tell.

Trudy in Lake Charles, LA, suffered double destruction from two hurricanes, leaving her home in shambles. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of cleaning up...

Find out the story behind the most popular Christmas song of all time, “White Christmas.”

Author Bill Hamon discusses how the Church can work together to be victorious in Christ.

Terry and her daughter barely got out of their Florida home before Hurricane Michael brought unimaginable devastation. They returned to find their...

Doctors said Caroline could be in a vegetative state for years after she crashed a 4-wheeler. As she began the recovery process, things didn’t go as...

Johnny became what he never thought he’d be: an alcoholic. Then, after years of hiding his addiction, shame drove him down a new path.

For a long time, Stephen believed being a “man” meant being successful. But after years of alcoholism, he gained a new perspective.

Allison and Ryan homeschool their two children, and they needed an effective way to teach the truths of the Bible. They discovered that CBN’s...

At the age of 79, Suzelle Poole inspires generations through her active lifestyle and passion for dance.


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After being struck down by COVID, a dying man sees a vision that sustains him during 71 days in the hospital.

A teen falls off her horse and lands headfirst. Scans reveal swelling of her brain. Watch a Thanksgiving miracle unfold. Plus, hear the story of the...

A basketball star travels from the Congo to Kentucky and maybe one day, the NBA. College basketball’s Oscar Tshiebwe is living his dream and honoring...

Cancel culture comes from “America’s Fire Chief.” Kelvin Cochran takes a stand for faith in his new book, “Through the Flames of Persecution.” Plus,...

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