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WeightLossCoaching 11/19/07

Food is NOT the Reason for the Season

This week puts us officially in the "holiday season". You may have already started seeing signs of it -- trays of cookies or candy brought into the office, holiday decorations everywhere you go...
The food of the season!
But you know what?
Food is NOT the reason for the season! I watched a History channel program yesterday on the Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving.  Yes, they ate at their celebration.  But they also danced, hunted and talked.  It wasn't all turkey and stuffing  -- nor did the Indians or the Pilgrims eat themselves  to the point  of gluttoney.  And they did not have to let their pants out after eating!
They celebrated survival, friendship and overcoming obstacles.
I am sure you have much of that to celebrate this year  and to be thankful for. But I encourage you to make a few rules this year so that you leave the season thinner, more thankful and healthier!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • NEVER eat seconds; and make your first serving of any one item no bigger than your fist.
  • Drink 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces of water everyday, and at holiday gatherings; drink water and or Perrier w/ lime at parties!)
  • Just say NO to dessert! It packs on the calories and just isn't worth it!
  • Take a bigger interest in the people gatherered at the table than the food placed on it. Relationships matter not food! 
  • Get exercise the day of a party of big meal! You won't be as hungery and you will burn off some of what you eat!
  • Take a carb blocker like Phase 2 any time you eat  rolls, potatoes, pasta--you will digest 65% as fiber rather than sugar! Carb control!
  • Try Juice Plus! High fat meals bring about a decrease in blood flow and can cause heart attacks and the University of Maryland did research that proved Juice Plus helped minimize blocked blood flow after a high fat meal after just 30 days on Juice Plus Gardern Orchard and Vineyard. www.JPSupplement.com to order

Happy Thanksgiving! Let's make sure that next year you will be really thankful for good health!