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WeightLossCoaching 11/29/07

Obesity Gone Wild

I have a confession to make. I watched 3 hours straight of TV last night. I NEVER do that, but I did. What I watched amazed me -- 2 episodes of TLC's "Half Ton Man". It was like seeing a wreck, I had to look and couldn't stop watching!
Two men who weighed over 1200 pounds were featured. OVER 1200 pounds!
One man, Manuel Uribe was trying the Zone diet to help him lose weight -- it worked well for him as he did lose 500 pounds, but what I noticed was that he washed his Zone egg white omlet down with a Sprite!
And the other man, Patrick Deuel was an admitted fast food/soft drink addict. His wife would leave for church, leaving a plate of sweet rolls or a big mac and fries next to him--he couldn't get out of bed and get his own food--all he could eat was what she left for him---ask yourself this: what would have happened if she ONLY gave him healthy foods? She said "there would be hell to pay if she didn't give him what he wanted", my question is what could he have done--heck, he needed to lose 700 pounds just to be able to get out of bed. Her pastor said it right, he felt what she was doing was assisted suicide.
Finally, one morbidly obese person at the featured Brookhaven in patient weight loss facility who weighed 565 pounds, said that he had to get serious about losing weight; and was going to start "tomorrow".
Today folks. What is wrong with TODAY! With right NOW!?
If you have 25 pounds you would like to lose  or 100+ that you NEED to lose, what is wrong with right now? What is holding you back from starting to change right now?
I am here to help if you want to change the "vice busting" way!

So what's your greatest challenge when it comes to losing weight?  Log in and tell us.