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WeightLossCoaching 12/06/07

Take the Focus off Food

My thanks to all of you for posting on the blog this week.  Together, I believe we can make great strides toward better health and fitness for each of you.  So if you have any other questions, just log in and ask -- even if it's on a different topic than we're discussing at the time, anything related to your weight loss effortsis fair game.  Remember, I'm here to help.

I know how frustrating it can be to want to lose weight and have it cloud your life. I also know that when you take the focus OFF of your problems that your problems,or weight in our case, seem much less of an issue and seem to take care of themselves.
So, I want to encourage you at this special time of year to do something that will make you feel great and make your desire to lose weight gain the right perspective. Please, join me in helping in helping others this Christmas season.  I have chosen to give a child a big smile this year by sponsoring surgery for a child suffering with a cleft palate.

And I want to challenge you to do something between now and Christmas to bring joy to someone else.  Log in and tell us or  log in to ask any questions you may have for me, Julia, your CBN.com weight loss coach.

God bless you,