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VOM's Nettleton: 'No White Hats in Syria'

If you grew up in America--like I did-during the 1950s and&1960s, then you'll remember the television shows The Lone Ranger, The Rifleman, Bat Masterson, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and Roy Rogers. Yes, plenty of westerns in those days.

It was clear who the good guys and bad guys were in&each episode: good guys wore white hats, bad guys wore black hats. Americans have always liked stories of good vs. evil, black hats and white hats.

VOM's Todd Nettleton has just returned from the Middle East where he attended a series of meetings with Syrian pastors. They're in urgent need of our help.

In our recent interview, Nettleton said something profound that is likely to stick in my mind for quite some time.

He said, "As Americans, we like the good guy and the bad guy story... Well, in Syria there aren't any guys wearing white hats."

Seems that's the problem America and Syrian Christians now face as this war continues into the fall of 2013. When it comes to Assad vs. the rebels, there are no "white hat" choices here.

How should American Christians respond when our choices are limited to supporting differing shades of black?

We need to assist refugees and encourage Christians remaining inside Syria to be salt and light! Our Syrian family members are in urgent need of our help and those types of prayers.

They also need us to be their voice in America and around the world.

Here's one voice speaking on their behalf. Watch my full interview with Nettleton:

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