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Islamists Attack Priest with Acid in Zanzibar

Islamic extremists have maimed another Christian with acid on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar.

Last month we told you about an acid attack against two young women from the United Kingdom. They were doing volunteer work with the Anglican church when they were disfigured in Stone Town.

The latest victim is a Catholic priest.

According to sources in Zanzibar, Father Mwang'amba was patronizing an Internet cafe when he received a phone call. As he stepped outside to talk on his cell phone, two attackers passed by and threw acid on his face, chest, stomach, and legs.

In a panicked attempt to stop the burning of his skin, Father Mwang ran back inside the Internet cafe and urgently requested some water to wash the acid from his body.

Zanzibarian Christians allege the Muslim owners of the shop had advanced knowledge of this deliberate attack and intentionally delayed providing the priest with water to dilute the acid.

The priest was reportedly taken to a Dar Es Salam hospital for emergency treatment.

This is the second acid attack against Christians in the last month. It's time the Tanzania and Zanzibarian governments take agressive action against the perpetrators and advocates of this horrid practice.

If not, perhaps American and European tourists should be more resolute about spending their vacation time and money elsewhere.

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