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Christian Jizya Tax Deaths in Egypt

We've told you about militant Islamists forcing Christians in Dalga, Egypt to pay protection money--a payment called Jizya as required by Islamic law.  Now, word of the first Jizya tax deaths comes from a Voice of the Martys worker in Egypt .
According to VOM, two Christian men in the Assiut village of Sahel Selim were murdered when one of them was unable to pay the extortion money. A militant Islamist demanded that 50-year old Emad Lofty Demian pay a Jizya of 10,000 Egyptian pounds ($1450.00). Emad and his 37-year old cousin Medhat Sedky Demian were murdered in Emad's home.
Here are some of the details sent to us by the VOM worker:

"The incident had started yesterday at 9:30 pm when Emad received a phone
call from a Muslim man called Ashraf Ahmed Mohammed. Ashraf threatened Emad
that he would be killed if he did not pay it.
Emad with a close Muslim Friend named Helal Abd Elhamid went together to
the vice security director of Assuit governorate and told him about the
threat that Emad had received from Ashraf!!!
Today (Thursday) at 10 am, some Muslims led by Ashraf came to Emad's house
while Emad was inside the house with his cousin Medhat and they attacked the
house and kept shooting Emad and Medhat and killed them!!!
We do not know why the government is not protecting Christians especially in
Dalga in Menia city and in Assuit??!!!!
Please ask for prayers for both families

Emad leaves behind a wife and five children. Medhat's wife is now without a husband and their three children will  grow up without the loving guidance of a father.

Pray for the families of these two men because often in Egyptian society, widows and children are treated as outcasts and are ostracized. Pray that they will not become bitter and will draw closer to Christ. Pray for God's provision for them--both physically and spiritually.

Pray that God will protect the Christians of Egypt.

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