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Another United Nations Outrage: Foxes in the Hen House

The United Nations is speeding towards worldwide irrelevance. It just can't help taking actions that are outrageous and even laughable--almost something you'd expect to see on late-night television satire.

The U.N. has elected Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and Cuba to the Human Rights Council. They're among the worst offenders of human rights worldwide.

Russian dissidents say human rights have gotten worse under Vladamir Putin. He has llimited the rights of Russians to speak openly and freely against their government.

The recent imprisonment of two members of the Russian feminist punk rock group, Pussy Riot is just one example. They were jailed a year ago for "hooliganism" after protesting the Orthodox Church's support for Putin's candidacy. They're protest and songs were perhaps in bad taste, but why send them to prison for two years for expressing their free speech rights?

In China, periodic raids and arrests of unregistered Christian churches and their leaders continues. Tight controls are in place over free speech and criticism of the government and its leaders.

Cuba still maintains tight control over media, and those who speak out against the Castro government or attempt to practice their Christian faith without government interference.

And Saudi Arabia always places near the top of the annual Open Doors World Watch list of persecuting countries. No church is allowed in Saudi Arabia, and converts from Islam to Christianity are at risk of imprisonment and death.

For a more detailed account of the human rights violations of the U.N.'s newest Human Rights Council members, read this report.

U.N. Watch Executive Director Hillel Neur says the election of these countries undermines the effectiveness and credibility of the UN human rights system.

It's the foxes guarding the henhouse, Neuer says. And electing Saudi Arabia to the council is like, "electing a pyromaniac as chief of the fire department."

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