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Rare Video of North Korean Underground Christians

Just about anyone who follows North Korea's underground church can tell you how rare it is to see actual video of North Korea Christians worshipping in their homes in North Korea. Now we have a glimpse of these bold believers doing what they do regularly under threat of discovery and imprisonment.

The Colorado-based ministry that serves North Korean Christians--Seoul USA--recently obtained an exclusive video and has agreed to share it with CBN News.

Each year, North Korea tops the Open Doors Watchlist of the world's worst persecuting countries. That's because the Kim regime--though friendly to former NBA star Dennis Rodman--is unfriendly to North Koreans who practice any faith other than Juche, the state religion.

Seoul USA believes at least 30,000 Christians are currently imprisoned in North Korea.

Watch the rare video included in my Skype interview with Seoul USA CEO Rev. Eric Foley. Foley discusses the video and provides some insights on the North Korean underground church. The identities--faces and bodies of the North Korean Christians--are blurred to protect them from harm.

Also, pray this Thanksgiving season and thank God for the bold example of devout faith demonstrated by our North Korean brothers and sisters in Christ. With His help, they are honoring Jesus and keeping the faith alive in the most restricted nation on Earth. May we be more like them!

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