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Overcoming Addictions 10/18/21

Stop Providing for Failure When You Want Success

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If you wanted to rid your home of mice, you might set up a few traps, call an exterminator, and go through your cabinets and pantry to make sure there were no bags or boxes of food inviting the mice to stay. You might put all mouse-enticing morsels in a plastic container with a sealed cover or stick them in your refrigerator. You would do everything you could think of to make your home mouse-free if you really wanted to get rid of the mice.

So why is it when people want to quit smoking, they often keep a few cigarettes in a hidden place? Or want to quit drinking and keep a bottle or flask of liquor in a secret place? The examples are too numerous to list, but every addiction and every behavior someone wants to quit can also have a sneaky hiding place for it to be able to slip back in.

Romans 13:14 says, “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts.” (NAS)

When we doubt that we will be able to handle life without ___________ (fill in the blank with whatever it is you have had a hard time quitting), we purposely think of a way to keep it within our grasp “in case we ______________ (fill in the blank with whatever excuse you use; i.e. can't cope, get too angry, anxious, etc.)." 

Bottom line:  Do you want it out of your life?

If the answer is yes, then don’t make any provision for your habit. Just as you wouldn’t leave an open bag of dog food in your house if you wanted to get rid of the mice; don’t leave an avenue for you to allow your addiction/behavior to stay in your life! It’s that simple. You’ll have to go through the hard work of denying yourself your ____________ (fill in the blank.)

Making no provision for the sin is only half of the truth found in this scripture. The other half is to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” How does a person do this? There are several ways to put on Christ. If you are a believer who has accepted Christ as your savior and know for certain that you are a blood-bought child of God, you have the Holy Spirit living within you. Call upon the Holy Spirit in the times that you would normally seek your habit. Read your Bible, seek the Lord God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Claim out loud the Bible’s promise, “Greater is He who is in [me] you than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4 (KJV) 

If you have never confessed your sins to God and told him you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and you would like to accept him as Lord and Savior of your life, then bow your head and confess to Father God you are a sinner and believe Jesus Christ paid the penalty for your sins and was resurrected three days later. That’s the first step in putting on Christ. You can call or email CBN’s prayer center and tell them of your decision and they will be glad to pray with you and send you some free materials to help you grow in your relationship with Christ. Phone: 1-800-700-7000 or email us at CBN Prayer Center. Find a Bible-believing, Christ-loving church and learn all you can about God through studying the scriptures with other believers and allowing Christ to change your lifestyle.

Want to be a success at quitting? Stop planning for failure by leaving an open door to your habit. Plan for success - put on Christ!

Copyright © 2010 Beth Livingston. Used by permission.

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