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President Obama's Agenda Puts His Legacy in Jeopardy

President Obama’s inauguration speech could have easily been delivered at the Center for American Progress. It was a liberal speech aimed at a liberal audience. So much for bringing Americans together at a time of national unity.

Look, here’s the deal: President Obama is taking the calculated risk that the majority of Americans will buy what he’s selling. He’s gambling that his pro-government, liberal, “forward” agenda will bring forth a better America.

Not only is there no guarantee of that, but the bigger problem for Mr. Obama personally is that if his gamble ends up putting America in a weaker and more disastrous economic position, then his historic legacy will be severely tarnished.

Yes, President Obama will go down in history as the first African-American president and that brings with it a legacy that cannot be denied. But President Obama’s ”forward" agenda (and a healthcare law that hasn’t played out yet) might very well set him “backward” in his quest for a positive lasting image.

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