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Brody File Video Exclusive: Kevin McCarthy Says Impeaching President Obama Is Off The Table

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, new House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy tells CBN News that any potential attempt to impeach President Obama should be taken off the table.

“"Oh yes,” McCarthy tells me during a visit with him in his home district of Bakersfield, California. “When people ask me that, I say, ‘Have you met Joe Biden?’”

Instead of impeachment, McCarthy supports Speaker John Boehner’s constitutional overreach lawsuit against the president.

Watch the clip below along with a full transcription. MANDATORY COURTESY: CBN NEWS/THE BRODY FILE

David Brody: The impeachment word has been bandied about. Do you think that is frivolous and should be taken off the table? Right now. Right here?"

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: Oh yes. When people ask me that, I say ‘have you met Joe Biden? But seriously…

David Brody: Hey, this is standup comedy.

McCarthy: The only one talking about that are democrats and they’re doing it because they want to make it political. If you really look at what we're talking about, we're talking about bringing back the three co-equal branches. It's not a lawsuit about an individual. It's about an administration.

The Brody File is working on a national profile of the Majority Leader that will air on The 700 Club in early September. What you saw above was just a sneak peak.

Besides the interview with McCarthy, we also speak to his wife Judy, a woman who gives new meaning to the expression, “marrying up.”

We talk faith and politics with both of them. Hope you’ll tune in.

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