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The Biggest Threat To President Obama

Out of all the controversies swirling around President Obama right now, the biggest threat to him is the one involving the snooping by the justice department when it comes to reporters’ phone conversations and emails. You see, this is the story that really gets the media angry. The IRS story? Yes, nice story. Good political sizzle. Benghazi? Sure that’s a decent one too. But spying on reporters is the one that gets the mainstream media juiced. This is the one that could contain the most damage for the president because the media doesn’t like to be played with. That’s like playing with fire. They will turn on you and we have begun to see that already.

When the media turns on the president, watch out. Then he’s in a world of trouble because they’ll go after him harder in just about every area. And when that happens, he and his administration will be exposed even more. The result? More negative stories and a swift drop in his poll numbers among Americans. At that point, he will start losing the country and when that happens, his legislative agenda is kaput and his presidential legacy could end up as road kill on the side of the highway. Yes, he will go down as a historic president because of the racial barrier he broke but will he go down as an historic president who succeeded or an historic president who fell way short of expectations?
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