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Lars Hedegaard Survives Murder Attempt

One of the world’s leading figures in the fight against the trend by governments to censor criticism of Islam was almost killed today. Danish police say a gunman walked up to Lars Hedegaard’s door pretending to be a postman with a package, fired at his head and missed.

Hedegaard says "The bullet flew past my right ear, after which I attacked him and punched him in the face, which made him lose the gun," Lars said the gunman then ran.

It should be no surprise that police say they are looking for a "foreign" man aged 20-25. And although we don’t know who did it or why, the only thing that seemed surprising to me was that it did not happen on a Friday, which is when Muslim assassins usually try to kill “infidels,” having just come from prayers at the local mosque.

It was also no surprise that the media has managed to put a politically correct spin an attempted homicide, with the Associated Press saying Hedegaard “heads a group that claims press freedom is under threat from Islam…”

Ah, yes, and perhaps we all just imagined that Hedegaard and Dutch politician Geert Wilders were put on trial by democratic governments for the crime of criticizing Islam.

Ever since a Dutch Morroccan practitioner of the “religion of peace” killed Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam, these murder attempts have been completely predictable. An associate of Geert Wilders told me that he would be surprised if Wilders died of natural causes because Muslims are waiting for their chance to kill him.

Anyone who stands for freedom against the Islamists lives in the crosshairs a Muslim assassin. It’s why the most outspoken bloggers are underground.

This should give pause to all those who think Islam is no different from any other religion. But the thinking on the Left seems too far gone to see something so obvious until, and unfortunately, more and defenders of freedom are successfully assassinated. And perhaps not even then.

Here is my 2011 story on the rise of radicalism in Denmark, featuring some comments from Hedegaard.

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