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There is a Bear in the Woods, Again.

The Russian bear.

This is the classic 1984 Ronald Reagan presidential campaign commercial about the Soviet threat:

If the script seems strange, it was meant to counter Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale's pitch to voters that the Soviet threat was overblown and that President Reagan's tough approach was unnecessary and dangerous.

Mondale said he would talk to the Soviets and get them to negotiate. Democrats don't like to remember that back then, apart from a few hawks like Sen. Henry Jackson, a large swath of Democrats weren't bothered by the Soviets at all. Some could accurately be described as fellow travelers.

Reagan mopped the floor with Mondale, carrying 49 states and winning the most electoral votes in American history. When the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago today, some of the same Democrats insisted Reagan shouldn't be given credit for it.

Now, about that bear. Thirty years later, the Russian bear has returned. One of my missions in Scandinavia this week will be to talk to military experts in a very vulnerable region about what some fear is a new Cold War.

But the difference between the Cold War in 1984 and the one in 2014 is the difference between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Reagan was a rancher. Ranchers grab a gun when a bear is near.

The former community organizer Obama, with his sanctions, has simply poked the bear with a stick. The bear is angry and senses weakness.

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