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Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

(I'm writing this from Lancashire, England)

A 20-year-old British man has been arraigned in the murder and decapitation June 4 of an 18-year-old Sheffield, England, woman named Reema Ramazan.

Haven't heard of it? Up until a few days ago, Ramzan was "just" a stabbing fatality. Now we learn that Aras Hussein cut off her head. It was the second beheading involving a British Muslim in a little over two weeks, after the murder and decapitation of British soldier Lee Rigby, May 22.

This apparent cover up is an example of what has been a massive, orchestrated disinformation campaign by British authorities and their allies in the media to blackout or minimize, and in many cases refuse to prosecute, Muslim crimes.

I've come to northern England to investigate how authorities covered up the Muslim sex grooming gang epidemic, in which white British girls are made the sex slaves of what the authorities euphemistically call "Asian" gangs (they're Muslim). Astonishingly, police are still not tackling the problem head-on, and still more girls will have their lives ruined because of it.

The media is also failing to report the depth and breadth of the public fury here over the Rigby murder. If those demonstrations were about some loony left-wing cause, you'd see them splashed across every TV screen.

Some argue that the British police are in chains to their politically correct bosses in government. No doubt. I think they also fear civil war. But trying to cover up an Islamic crime wave and the anger that is now seething among the native English doesn't prevent civil war; it brings it. Just saying.

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