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Mitch McConnell Gets 'Unendorsed' by Tea Party Group

This hasn't been a good week for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. First he gets a "Happy Bailout Birthday Cake" from his GOP Primary opponent in Kentucky (because he supported the $700 billion bailout five years ago).

Now, he's been, "unendorsed" by a Tea Party Group.

Tea Party Nation says they are withdrawing their endorsement after Glenn Beck reported that McConnell supposedly told GOP senators in a closed door meeting that anybody who supports Freedom Works or the Senate Conservative Fund are traitors to the Republican Party. Both Freedom Works and the SCF are Tea-Party supporting groups.

Tea Party Nation Founder Judson Phillips said the following:

"While endorsing Mitch McConnell seemed like the right thing to do at the time, Mitch McConnell has proven he is not worthy of conservative support. Glenn Beck is right. It is time to defund the GOP until the GOP pushes people like Mitch McConnell out of leadership."

UPDATE: Judson Phillips doesn't seem like he's a fan of McConnell's GOP Primary opponent either. Here is what he said about Matt Bevin:

"Bevin has no record as a conservative or as a Tea Party activist.  He is at best another Todd Akin and at worst, worse than McConnell.  The only thing I have been able to find out than his tax payer bailouts is him praising the most liberal Democrat Senator in the Senate as a friend of small business.  Now those things alone would simply have me leave him alone and not really say anything.  After I endorsed McConnell, someone who is connected with his campaign contacted me and wanted me to change the endorsement to him.  When I refused, I was threatened.  I don't take threats well.  If a campaign has to threaten people, they belong in the Party of Treason."


McConnell is running in shark-infested waters. Can he survive? He’s on thin ice with the Tea Party already. If McConnell is seen as playing a role in some sort of grand bargain with the White House, that could pose a major problem for McConnell going forward. He has to play this smart. Bevin is waiting for him to trip up.

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